Thursday, June 10, 2010


The first photograph has to absolutely be my favourite shot. The rest are just to show how appreciative I was of the lunch that my friend had asked her husband to buy back for us during my visit at her house. The pancakes, laksa, prawn noodles and vegetarian bee hoon were the special treats bought from a market near her house. We do not see each other often but when we do we always have a memorable time together.

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  1. I enjoy spending time with you too though they are far and few.
    Yes your first shot is splendid! Love those 'lines' from chair legs and sliding door base's black steel frame - look like a partial 'grid'.

    Though I regulary ate the local delights from my market they still look 'yummy', must be your good photographic skills. Keep it up!

    Hope you can sample the shiok shiok tee kuey with yam slices and the green bean fritters with 'panker' ( Japanese ) breadcrumbs next time.