Monday, March 8, 2010

Father and Son

Father and son spending time at the Singapore Botanic Gardens. Will the kid remember this moment when he becomes a teenager? I wonder. Right then what caught my attention was really the kid's outfit. If he does not remember this outing, he might remember what he was wearing for better or for worse.

My son told me that when he was a kid he used to hate a particular T-shirt because the label at the collar irritated him every time he wore it. Yet he bore with the irritation because he was only a kid and he did as he was told. No protests because his parents did not know the extent of his suffering. If only he had said, "Mum could you remove the label because it is irritating me terribly?" Perhaps he did and I was not listening. Perhaps he did not and I had no idea.

Communication cannot be silent between parents and children. What is not expressed is not communicated and what is expressed may not be communicated. It takes mutual effort to want to get through to each other. With children, you need to be very patient in getting them to share their thoughts with you. When they do, it will be a joy.

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