Thursday, January 14, 2010

Egyptian exhibits

Life does not end with death because death is just a transition into an afterlife, another being. Never has history been so interesting and I wish that the history lessons of my day were not confined solely to the teacher and the textbook. These photos were taken after checking with the security personnel if photo-taking was allowed. As long as we did not use the flash, photography was permitted. These are my favourite shots because I was pleased that I was able to get some decent photos despite the low lighting. I used an ISO of 800 on the average and held my breath to reduce camera shake.
The exhibition is here at the the National Museum of Singapore. The entry fee is around $16 for adults though you could get a 50% discount if you use a certain credit card to pay for the tickets. Students enjoy free admission, so if you are a student, bring along your student card.

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