Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday's favourites

The truth is that I have been very inspired by the photographs in the book "Zheng He" that I bought on Saturday. Have I said once before that I had wanted to be a photo journalist? If the saying goes that it is never too late to do anything in life then I can resume that dream or resume dreaming.

I like this chance shot - clicked at the right time.
A recycled replacement for the Christmas tree star. The Christmas tree was decorated by the British Council and stands amongst many in the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
A Kuwati Christmas.
A shot to test the effects of using a large apperture setting.
Aross the Palm Valley I got these two shots with my tele lens.
Mozart looking very hot and bothered. Who wouldn't, the temperature was madness, the sun was merciless...
...and this umbrella was of no help.

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