Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dragonfly or is it a Damselfly?

Anything that moves in the air is always a target for my camera. I like to photograph birds but they are usually too swift or too far away for me to capture images of them with my point-and-shoot camera. There were times when I carry a DSLR around with the specific intention to photograph these creatures of the sky and I have got good shots of kingfishers using a zoomz (er, zoom) Nearer to me and usually more cooperative are the dragonflies or damselflies that hover around water plants like water lilies and lotuses. I have plenty of those shots especially of the red damselflies.
These photos are my favourite firstly because I have never seen a dragonfly that is of such a deep blue colour that I mistook for black when I first saw it. I had to approach it very carefully so as not to frighten it away.
It flew around a little and decided to settle on this twig. A slight wind blew and the dragonfly seemed to tighten its grasp on the twig.
It did not fly away even though my camera was almost 10cm away.
I wonder what it saw when I was so close to it. Multiples of a giant with a measuring instrument? I don't know really.
It did not seem to care while I tried to get the camera to focus as sharply as possible. I was not very successful as the light was fading as the sun prepared to retire for the night.
I did have fun trying to get to know this creature better.

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